Computer Cleanup

Computer Cleanup

So many people are putting up with slow computers. “It used to be fine, but its just got slower and slower.” It doesn’t need to be this way!

A vast majority of the time a simple little cleanup will get you running back to how you used to be.

Over time your system collects bad sectors on your Hard Drive (similar to scratches on a record).  Also programs you may have installed over time which are running in the background, eating up your RAMno wonder your computer slows down.

We do a clean up on your computer
  • A Hard Drive check to move data off any bad sectors
  • A Malware Scan to clear off any potentially unwanted programs (PUP for short)
  • A Virus Scan to clear away any nasties that might be slowing your computer down
  • Browser Cleanup to remove any pop-up’s or re-direct’s from your web browse
  • Startup Entries Reduced to not only speed your system up while running, but to also  increase your start-up time
  • Rootkit activity removed
  • Windows updated
Alternatively some people just want their computer put back to factory defaults.

We do this, remove a lot of the rubbish that unnecessarily gets installed by the manufacturer, fully update the version of windows and install security and office software.

  • Basic Re-install
  • Re-install with data backup

All of our work comes with a 30 day warranty, so if you’re not happy just let us know.